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Michigan Horse

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Horseback Riding Meet up Sep. 21st, 2008 @ 11:18 am
I know their was a posting last year for a trail ride meet up for everyone in this community but it never happened. Who's Interested in having a horse back riding meet up?

let me know

Items For Sale Sep. 5th, 2008 @ 03:29 pm
I just posted a bunch of items in sellyourtack, TONS of horsey tees, fleeces, sweats, saddle pads, etc.

I'm happy to waive shipping for any SE Mighiganders who can meet me

Jul. 31st, 2008 @ 03:22 pm
Saturday is a busy day for me! I have our 3YO gelding, Mr. Halo ("Dash"), running in a Maiden Special Weight at Pinnacle, the new Michigan track, and also our 7YO horse, Secret Fever (Goldie), running in the Claiming Crown Express Stakes at Canterbury. I'll be at Pinnacle to watch the 3YO run, and to catch Goldie on the simulcasting.

If anyone wants to meet up at Pinnacle race course to watch the races on Saturday, let me know! I'll be getting there at around 2-2:15, the first race goes off at 2:30pm.

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~Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries~ Jun. 6th, 2008 @ 10:59 am

This summer, please consider Blooddrop for all your hygenic, moisturizing and deoderizing needs! Blooddrop offers a fine selection of perfume and bathing goods to sooth any horse show weary or "I just did my horse's stall" stinky fetid skin! We also offer some of the best shipping rates to non-US customers!

We have two lovely equine inspired fragrances: Belle Cavaliere and I Had A Pony!

All bath products can be ordered fragrance free for gentlemen. However, rumors exist that gentlemen do very much enjoy Blooddrop's fragrances At Denny's After Rocky, Cafe Zazou, Buch de Noel and Frau Von Schtinklestein's Partially Completed Bavarian Love Essence in the privacy of the showers.

Please also see our changing line of limited edition fragrances and our newest offering of haute parfum in very limited quantities, Huiles de Luxe.

Dare not fret! Blooddrop will ensure all your fresh-smelling needs!

Blooddrop's owner and creatrix is proud owner of a an American Warmblood, named Rowan. You can see him on the LJ profile page although he is very covered by a winter blanket and is not showing off his handsome-ness. ; )



Belmont day - June 7th Jun. 3rd, 2008 @ 03:45 pm
For those of you interested, a few of us are meeting at Northville Downs for simulcasting and to watch the Belmont Stakes. Would be neat to get a whole group together!

Northville Downs doesn't have live racing, so if you plan on betting on more than just the Belmont, be prepared for simulcasting-only.

Email me for more info!
Other entries
» Hey :)
Does anyone know of any barns that need help or are hiring? Willing to work in exchange for lessons.

Let me know. Thanks in advance.
» Your help is needed!
Hey all,

I'm letting you all know about this incase you are interested in helping! I'd heard about this woman having 52 minis/ponies a few weeks ago and that she had to get rid of them ALL by mid April. It was said that she herself had rescued all of these animals...Today a friend came across a listing on Craigslist put up by this woman, and in it she states that whatever she doesn't get rid of will be euthanized!

CALL 810-614-2120
EMAIL jeanniespets@yahoo.com

I dont know if anybody is interested in taking one them self, or if you know of anybody,...but please, your help is needed! I can't bare the idea that these poor guys will be put down if they can't find a home in such short time! They are located in Emmet Michigan, which is in the thumb. We did a drive by the farm, and it's not the best of places to live and some of them were down right skinny.

» Hey Fellow Equestrians~
Hey, I was just wondering if anyone new of any public horseshows coming up that aren't a schooling series. I don't belong to a barn yet, and I'm having a hard time finding one that i'm happy with. Just wondering cause I want to do some showing this spring and summer.
» Horse Sales in Michigan
Looking for advice about horse sales in Southeast Michigan:

Hey guys, I am looking for a bit of advice. I have a friend who asked me for advice about pricing her horse to sell. She is located in Southeast Michigan. I, unfortunately, have been out of the area for some time now and am QUITE out of that loop. I have some ideas on where I'd put him, but I know that the market varies so widely depending on the area.

She has a 16hh papered Quarter Horse gelding with good, but not particularly impressive lines. She rides him hunter-jumpers. He's a georgous mover and a powerful jumper...regularly doing 2'6"-3'6". She is planning on shoing him this summer on the MHJA C and B circuit and in my opinion, he'll probably do quite well. Overall, this is a great horse with a great personality. He doesn't have the slightest spook in him, but he can get strong and big strided at times, nothing dangerous, but needs a rider who won't let him drag her around. No soundness issues, no health issues, up to date on all vaccinations, regularly has his teeth floated, and generally good conformation. Here's the catch: he's 17.

I'd appreciate any and all suggestions, but please let me know where you're from as well so that I can get a general idea. Thanks!

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» Horse stuff for sale!
Horse stuff for sale!
Am I allowed to post this?... 

We have pretty much anything you might need under the cut!

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