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Hi all, I had an inquiry from Barbra Reis about my mare.  Now, I'm having second thoughts about selling her now that I'm finally able to sit on her again.  Anyway, my question to any of you is do you know of her and if so what can you tell me?  I have seen her website and have some thoughts of my own but she seems very pleasant and it looks like all of her horses are well cared for which are two of my main concerns.  Now I know it's probably not entirely fair for me to ask this question as I can't web search most individual riders but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask the question when the person interested is a trainer.  

Thank you!!
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Date:October 18th, 2008 03:18 pm (UTC)
you might wanna drop a line to brutusbbaby(kaitlyn)

are you doing anything next saturday, but they way? Hunter pace at Sue's, if you wanna come out!!
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